FEGS Website (Re)Design

By expanding and diversifying to meet many community needs, FEGS has grown into one of the largest health and human services agencies in the country. Today, the FEGS’ network of programs in Health • Disabilities, Home Care, Housing, Employment • Workforce, Education • Youth, and Families, assists more than 12,000 people every day – 120,000 each year – inspiring individuals and families and strengthening communities.

The FEGS website was in desperate need of redesigning so it could achieve the its main goals: clearly articulating FEGS’ mission and services, increasing ease of navigation throughout the site and increasing audience reach and user engagement. To achieve these objectives, we had to create front and back end site maps, design wireframes for the home page, in addition to category and sub category pages, and finally design the overall sites look and feel. This job took over a year to complete, but end product came out met the FEGS’ precise expectations along with exactly what we wanted to deliver.



The clean, modern, and colorful pages make it easy for the audience to navigate around and find what their looking for. The page on the left is the entire homepage, and on the right is a sample of a category page. Each of the six services have its own color palette, so by doing this, it establishes a sub-brand for each of the services.


FEGS, Website-Launch, Social Services



What better way to celebrate the launch of the website, by launching a brand new look and feel of our emails. The email is broken up into sections by light gray color blocks, and introducing the new font system that is established on the site.


FEGS, Website-Launch, Social Services